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Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds codes [November 2022]: Redeem these coupon codes for in-game freebies

Every active Ni No Kuni code you can redeem for gold and more

Looking for the latest codes for Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds? Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is the latest entry into the increasingly sprawling Ni No Kuni franchise, a series of Studio Ghibli-influenced RPGs. Cross Worlds is free-to-play on PC and mobile (hooray) but features a heavy dose of in-game purchases and gacha mechanics, and has already laid the groundwork for an in-game NFT marketplace (considerably less hooray). Still, if you are playing and enjoying this game, a good way to keep it at a safe distance from your real-world wallet is to take advantage of codes that grant you free in-game currencies, items, and more.

On this page, we've listed all the currently active Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds codes we could find, as well as details on how to redeem their rewards in-game. We'll also keep a running list of expired codes for reference.

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds codes list

Last checked on: November 14th, 2022

  • cuteplatypaws: 4 Star Familiar Capsule
  • greatgamenino: Costume Summon Coupon 5
  • hellosouldivers: 50,000 Gold
  • tfwninolive: 50,000 Gold
  • platypawsgift: 200,000 Gold
  • TOThalloween: EP4 Dice Event Rewards
  • platypawswithu: Energy Drink 5 & Sweet Drink 5 & Territe Aroma 5
  • lovefamiliars: Familiar Summon Coupon 5
  • ninogoodluck: Equipment Summon Coupon 5
  • ninobonus4u: Familiar Summon Coupon 10
  • ninokunilivegift: 50,000 Gold
  • 3rdNinolivethanks: EP3 Dice Event Rewards
  • devthanksnino: 4 Star Weapon Chest
  • 1CATCH1PENGUICORN1: A Costume Summon coupon, 2 Sweet Drinks, & 2 Aromas of Focus
  • 1CATCH2RAMBUNCTUS1: A Costume Summon coupon, a Sweet Drink, and an Aroma of Focus
  • 1CATCH3POLARIN1: An Equipment Summon coupon, 2 Sweet Drinks, & 2 Aromas of Focus
  • 1CATCH4SPARKEE1: A Familiar Summon coupon & a Costume Summon coupon
  • 1KOLCROSSWORLD1: 50,000 Gold
  • 1NINOKUNIOBT25MAY1: 50,000 Gold
  • 2WORLDTHLIVE: 3 Costume Summon coupons, 2 Familiar Summon coupons, 2 Equipment coupons, and 90,000 Gold
  • ARCANACAMP: Arcana Tent exchange badge & Firepit exchange badge
  • CAMPINGEVERMORE: Alpaca exchange badge & Camping Chair exchange badge
  • ENTERCROSSWORLDS: A special title & a Cat Hat
  • LUCKYDIVER: 10 2-star Varnish Chests & 10 Bean Pods
  • SUPERTEN: A Super Star Pose Chest
  • TWENTYAWESOME: 50,000 Gold

How to redeem Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds codes

There are a couple of ways to redeem Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds codes.

To redeem a code within the game, you need to have completed the tutorial section. After that, you can go to Settings > Misc > Coupon Code > Coupon Event, where you can input and confirm your chosen code.

Alternatively, you can redeem codes in-browser by going to the game's Coupon Event website, where you'll need to enter your member code (i.e. your player ID) alongside the releveant coupon code. You can find your player ID via the in-game account menu. Just be aware that any rewards will be applied to whichever character is active when you next log-in, so be sure to bear this in mind when redeeming codes in this way.

List of expired Ni No Kuni codes

  • funnyninominiquiz
  • KluuGold4U
  • lucky7ninoquiz4u
  • enjoyninowithlive
  • shinegoldgift4u
  • Kluuhappygift
  • Kluulovesnino
  • guessquizthankyou
  • livesharethanks
  • sharefriendsnino
  • higgledysgoldgift
  • guesswho5nino
  • 100ninoguesswho
  • mini10guesswho
  • thankyou100nino
  • higgledyshappy100
  • Higgledysluckypot
  • enjoywithfriends
  • happy100thanks
  • happy100nino
  • ninokunigiftforyou
  • Thankyou4Ninolive

That's all we have for now on Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds codes! If you just can't get enough of taking advantage of freebies in gacha games, we hear you, and we also have a Genshin Impact codes list you might be interested in.

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